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Instagram Marketing

By | source: Oct 2nd, 2012

Instagram is a hit. As we have seen in previous posts, Instagram has generated a lot of buzz, a lot of users and has given millions access to pretty images. These visually inspired users are a perfect target for Instagram Marketing, if you know how to do it right.

Companies have started using the handy photo-editing app as yet another means of social media marketing. At a branding level, Instagram can be used to emotionally engage customers, show the world the “human side” of your company, encourage interaction with customers and ultimately reach a large audience of social media savy users. Like all social media platforms, when a campaign is executed with precision and creativity, Instagram becomes more than just an app. It becomes a powerful marketing tool.

Today’s infographic gives you step by step instructions, allowing you to create a successful marketing campaign using Instagram. Follow these easy steps and your followers will turn into customers. When you decide that your company is ready to add Instagram to your marketing plan, read this helpful infographic and remember to curate, snap, hashtag, engage and repeat. [Via]