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Is Volunteering Good For Your Health?

By | source: Jul 13th, 2014

It is very easy to get caught up in your own mess that you forget there are bigger things happening in this world. When life isn’t going the way you want it to, it is easy to go home and dwell on it. But what does that do for you? Nothing. Alone time is not bad by any means. My aim is only to suggest there are more fulfilling ways of spending your time that can help put your life into perspective, and make you feel whole and more connected to the community of your choice. In this infographic provided by United Healthcare, we are reminded of why it is good to put service above self.

Volunteering has been shown to improve the outlook on life. 94 percent of volunteers say it improves their mood. 96 percent say it actually enhances their sense of purpose in life. This alludes to the notion that we are all striving to be better and to leave our mark. We want to feel healthier and happier. More importantly, we want to feel like we made a difference for the better. There aren’t many things that you can actually give someone that are truly yours. When you volunteer, you are giving yourself and your time.

Positivity, vision, and the motivation to actively serve your community will lead to a better world in which to live. You’ll get to see first hand the positive impact you make on the life of another. [via]