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Know Your Knives – Types of Kitchen Knives

By | source:Here Jan 7th, 2014

“Knives, knives?  Curse them all, and the wretch who invented them!” – Garcia Lorca’s Blood Wedding.

I do not wish to curse the “wretch” who invented knives, for they are a wondrous object! One could survive for days on end with just a knife at hand. One could also quickly bleed to death if their opponent has a knife on hand. There is nothing quite like playing with a butterfly knife, or quickly opening and closing a pocket knife, they are such simple little tools, that achieve so much! In my everyday life I use knives all the time to do really extreme things like…cooking, as I hope a lot of you do. And the knife that one uses to cook makes a huge difference!

A dull knife will squish a tomato to mush, whereas a nice quality sharp knife will cut it like butter. You can even take a cooking class where they focus only on how to use a knife!

Speaking of cooking knives reminds me of Cutco, and vector marketing. Cutco knives are AMAZING, but why the shady sales pitch? Why don’t they just sell them to Williams Sonoma and have the department stores do the work for them? Door-to-door knife sales — it’s weird.