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Knowledge To Action

By | source: Aug 11th, 2014

Powers rise and fall. With regularity, we find ways to try and stay on top. Fortunately for you, a long time ago people started to study power and some of the components of what makes it work. One of the ways is currency.

In this Knowledge to Action infographic, we learn about the Forex Market, from its “humble beginnings” to its’ incredible success today.

As early as the 7th Century, metal coins became the physical means of making transactions. Flash-forward to 1879, the U.S. used what was known as the Gold Standard and Bretton Woods as a way of making sure prices were relative to that of another currency. However, they came to be seen as inefficient and ended in 1971.

With the creation of computers and the World Wide Web, trading money and goods became commonplace and that much easier for consumers to interact with. In 1989, the Forex market was profiting $620 billion! In 10 years that nearly doubled, jumping into the trillions.

The system adapts to whichever currency is worth the most and encourages the trading of other currency. Knowledge to Action finds that as much as $5.3 trillion can be traded daily. This is far more than what Wall Street can do in a month!

In an ever changing world with increasing interconnectedness, making an income that also brings an international experience is right at your fingertips. To learn more, visit to learn how you can hop onto the global market. [Knowledge To Action]