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Learn to Bartend Without Leaving Your House

By | source:Here Apr 26th, 2017

People often say “the bigger, the better,” but good things can come in small packages. Thanks to this infographic, you can whip up your favorite shots without having to go out.

All you need is the right liquor, sodas and juices. Several of these popular shots feature vodka, so adding that to your liquor cabinet is a no-brainer.

Some non-alcoholic staples for your home bar: Lime juice and cranberry juice. With these combinations, you can make several of the drinks on this list.

If you’re trying to get a bit more creative with your drink making, you can try layering liquors. For example, an Irish Flag requires orange liqueur, Irish cream liqueur and Crème de menthe.

B-52, on the other hand, is a shot that’s served flaming. I don’t know that I’m that adventurous, so this one may be worth leaving to the pros.

Now that we know how to make some awesome drinks, it’s time to consider how much alcohol you can really handle. Depending on your weight and gender, you could get drunk on anything from two to six drinks. Learn more here.