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Literacy Across The Globe In The Modern Pandemic Era

By | source:Here Feb 7th, 2021

We all know that Covid-19 has changed the world. 2020 saw enormous swathes of the globe shut down for months on end. No school for the children, no holidays for travelers, no work for millions, and no food for some.

What most of us did have in abundance was time. Many people chose to use the time to catch up on their reading. 35% of the world said that they read more during the pandemic than before. This comprehensive infographic offers a graphic insight into the literacy of the various areas of the world and how Covid-19 has affected our reading habits. It’s full of facts and figures.

According to science, reading is a great way to relax. It reduces stress levels by 68%, which is sorely needed in today’s uncertain world. Reducing stress levels is crucial to good health as the stress hormone cortisol is responsible for raising blood pressure and heart rate.

Reading improves your language skills and broadens your vocabulary. It can help you to understand what motivates others and puts the lives and views of others into a clearer perspective. It can even help to reduce the cognitive decline that comes with old age.

Reading helps you to concentrate and expands your horizons. When you read a book, you can focus all your attention on the story rather than the scatter-brained approach to daily multitasking.

It seems that many re-discovered the benefits of reading during the lockdown as they cozied up to a book in the comfort of their homes.