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Marketing for Consultants Survey: Results [infographic]

By | source:Consulting Success Mar 15th, 2015

Are you an expert or know a lot about a certain subject. Then you can be a consultant and offer your service to businesses. Like other businesses you need a way to market your services. This infographic shows the result of a survey of consultants and how they market their services. What is and is not working for their consulting business.

The first question almost everyone asks is; what has made you the most money? Two answers jump off the page; networking and referrals. The best way to network and get referrals is join an organization that is specific to your business. For instance if your business is public relations then you would join Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). The next question is what activity do you do the most? Again networking and getting referrals are the main activities done by consulting besides working. A consultant must be able to communicate well with others to ensure referrals.

There are many types of consultants, they range from social media to technology to financial to a many more. Knowing how to market your business is very important. Finding the right balance is challenging but hopefully this infographic has shed some light. Trying each method is the only way to find success for your business.