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The Lit Guide To Marketing To Millennials

By | source:Here Nov 6th, 2019

Millennials make up the majority of customers around the world. Are you making an effort to target them in your marketing campaigns? Check out some strategies that have worked (and a few that haven’t!) to make sure your campaign appeals to millennials.

As a rule, millennials are a finicky group. They are diverse people and their interests have changed wildly over the years.

As of 2019, millennials aren’t hippy-dippy teens anymore. They’re growing up, but they still want to live their lives by their own values. This means, for example, that their concerns over social equality and the economy remain, but now have to live side by side their new parent status and the need to move to cheaper areas of the country.

On the other hand, some tendencies remain unchanged: social media is still a great tool to connect with this audience, and video is increasingly more welcome. Influencers are a good option because they create a sense of trust, especially when it comes to so-called micro-influencers.

Many businesses have tried to market to this complex group. While lots have had good success, some have failed miserably! Avoid making mistakes others have made and take a look at today’s infographic.

The guys at CleverTap have created this lit guide to millennial marketing so you can stir your next campaign in the right direction!