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More Martinis Please: How to Order, Prepare and Drink a Proper Martini

By | source:LifeHacker May 26th, 2015

A newcomer to the bar scene can be pretty lost when it comes to the spread of cocktails that are available and the etiquette involved with ordering. Although today’s infographic focuses mainly on martinis, I’d like to speak a bit about the general bar experience.

Like our infographic to the left states, the number one rule of ordering at a bar is to know what you’re planning on drinking before speaking to the bartender. There is one exception to this rule: when you’re asking the bartender for a recommendation. You can ask which liquor they prefer for a specific cocktail, you can even ask them what their favorite cocktail is, but don’t be picky. Having your sever explain all of the ingredients of multiple cocktails while a line of patrons builds behind you is a no-no. This is where today’s infographic comes into play.

Learning the details of the martini will not only keep your order time short, but you’ll seem like a classy fellow using all the right terminology. Martinis are traditionally made with gin, but vodka is a very common substitute. Remember to follow the code for ordering martinis: liquor type, vermouth concentration, garnish, ice, and mixing preference. Go this route and you’ll be ordering martinis just like 007.