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The Life of Bill Gates

By | source:Imgur May 27th, 2015

At 39 years old, Bill Gates became the riches man on earth. I don’t think any of us are going to top that by 39. Bill has had a unconventional life ranging from esteemed software mogul to the largest philanthropist the world has ever known.

During his youth Mr. Gates was determined to further his digital knowledge. He put traditional schooling behind him in order to focus on his own goals. Once in college he came to the same crossroads: school, or to follow his passion. You can only guess which route he took.

Once he dropped out of Harvard he used his confidence in programming to sell a computer language he hadn’t even created yet. Of course he builds the language and creates what we know today as Microsoft. Bill vigorously works for 5 years on the language he created and ends up selling IBM an operating system he bought from someone else.

Steve Jobs then comes into the picture wanting Gates to make exclusive Apple software, this doesn’t last and after Bill launches Windows he and Jobs cut ties.

Soon he starts to hit his career high. At 31 he becomes the youngest billionaire in the world and meets his future wife. After he steps down as Microsoft CEO and finished his Harvard degree Bill has now devoted his life to convincing other billionaires to share their fortunes with the less fortunate.