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9 Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Morning

By | source:Here Oct 20th, 2019

Are you craving your bed even though it’s barely 10 AM? It’s likely you’re committing these 9 mistakes that will definitely put a damper on your workday.

Boost your productivity and earn that long weekend with these expert-approved tips designed to supercharge your mornings.

Starting your day on the right side of the bed, so to speak, will set you up for success and productivity all day long. If you’re feeling tired and fed up only a couple of hours into your workday, you probably have some bad habits that are making you feel that way!

To ensure you enjoy your time at work and improve your productivity, it’s important to establish a healthier pre-work routine.

Yep, you read that right. Just like you get ready for bed, you need to get ready for work in a healthy way that will set you up for success.

For starters, you need to sleep enough. Many Americans don’t get enough shut-eye: 40% get less than 7 hours per night. It sounds so simple, but we could all use the reminder: you won’t have energy at work if you aren’t properly rested.

If you do sleep enough, try squeezing in a bit of healthy exercise. This can be anything from a couple of minutes of meditation to a full-blown workout sesh.

Once at work, organize your mornings for effectiveness and productivity. Check out today’s infographic for all the info you need to boost your workday morning!