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What Are the Most Expensive Yachts in the World?

By | source:Here Nov 29th, 2021

Luxury yachts have been a status symbol for rich people since the beginning of time, and they are continuing to get more and more extravagant. The most expensive luxury yachts cost anywhere from a few million dollars, to a hundred million dollars, and even into the billions! Luxury yachts are often outfitted with multiple swimming pools, guest suites, and massive aquariums. Below, we’ll take a look at the most expensive yachts in history.

What Are the Most Expensive Yachts in the World?

The cost of some of the most expensive yachts will probably surprise you. To afford even the cheapest yacht on the list, your net worth would have to be in the tens of millions range.

Below are the 20 most expensive yachts in the world:

1. History Supreme- $4.8 Billion

History Supreme is a 100-foot long yacht designed by Stuart Huges and owned by Robert Kouk. It was assembled using over 20,000 pounds of platinum and pure gold. It’s considered the most expensive yacht in the world. Some people don’t believe this luxury yacht ever existed and is just a myth.

The master bedroom features meteorite rock walls, a T-Rex bone statue, a 24-carat gold wall aquarium, and a bottle of liquor decorated with diamonds.

2. Eclipse- $1.5 Billion

The Eclipse, belonging to Roman Abramovich, measures an incredible 536 feet long. It features a defense system that has intruder detection technology, missile sensors, bulletproof windows, armor plating, and anti-paparazzi window glazing.

What’s more, this expensive yacht has two helipads, two swimming pools, 24 guest rooms, and a mini-submarine.

3. Streets of Monaco- $1.1 Billion

The Streets of Monaco measures 509 feet and is a replica of Monaco City. This luxury yacht features a bedroom on the third floor with an elevator, a massive office, an underwater restaurant, a full-size casino, a mini waterfall, and seven guest cabins.

4. Azzam- $600 million

The Azzam is the largest yacht globally, measuring an incredible 590 feet long. Amazingly, it’s about half as long as the world’s largest ship! It belongs to Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nayan. Despite its size, it’s also among the fastest of the most expensive yachts in the world with a top speed of 35 mph.

The interior follows French décor and has a missile defense system and a bulletproof master bedroom.

5. A+ (Topaz) – $527 Million

Owned by Sheikh Mansour, The Topaz is a 482-foot-long yacht built by Lürssen Yachts. It has a built-in swimming pool, underwater lighting, eight viewing decks, air conditioning, a conference room, a fitness hall, and a movie room.

6. Motor Yacht A – $440 Million

From the exterior, the Motor Yacht A can be confused for a military submarine. However, it is a 400-foot luxury yacht with a 2500 sq. ft. master suite, six guest bedrooms, disco floors, a separate speedboat, an on-board swimming pool, and a helicopter hanger. The Motor Yacht A is the first on our list under a half a billion dollars.

7. Dubai – $400 Million

Owned by the Sheik of Dubai this 532-foot-long yacht takes its name from its home country, Dubai. It can accommodate 115 people and features a tiled swimming pool, a helipad, a circular staircase with glass steps, a VIP lounge, and sunbathing platforms.

8. Serene – $330 Million

The Serene is a 439.4-foot-long yacht owned by Mohammed bin Salman. It accommodates 52 crew members and 24 guests. It has a seawater pool, multiple hot tubs, two helipads, a steam room, play areas, and a snow room.

9. Radiant – $320 Million

The Radiant is owned by Abdulla Al Futtaim. It’s equipped with swimming pools, a massage room, a helipad, a gym, a movie theater, a private beach club, air conditioning, and a jacuzzi on the deck.

What’s more, it comes with high-power water cannons to tackle pirate attacks…seriously.

10. Al Said – $300 Million

The name of this expensive yacht is inspired by Qaboos Bin Said Al Said, the Sultan of Orman. As rumors have it, it has a 50-piece orchestra, and hosts 70 guests plus a crew of 154.

11. Pelorus – $300 Million

The Pelorus is 115 meters long and weighs 5,517 tons. It has two helipads, jet skis, landing boats, an owner’s suite with exceptional views, and a full-time crew of 46 members who are aboard all year long.

12. Dilbar – $256 Million

The Dilbar is owned by oligarch Alisher Usmanov and is named after his mother. It has a capacity of 20 crew guests and four crew members and features a swimming pool and a helipad.

13. Al Mirqab – $250 Million

Apart from being expensive, the Al Mirqab is the second most beautiful yacht in the world in many peoples’ opinion. It has ten bedrooms that can accommodate 24 guests, 55 crew cabins, and two VIP rooms for the owners.

14. Lady Moura – $210 Million

The Lady Moura belongs to Nasser Al-Rashid. It once hosted president George H.W Bush and Barbara Bush and is one of the better-known luxury yachts in the world. It has a swimming pool with a retractable roof, 24 karat gold lettering and embellishments, and a sand-covered platform to act as an on-board beach.

15. Octopus – $200 Million

Designed and built for Paul Allen, The Octopus features a fantastic interior with a basketball court, swimming pool with a glass bottom, studio, and an outside bar. It accommodates 26 guests and 56 crew members.

16. The Rising Sun – $200 Million

The Rising Sun is 138 meters long and has more than five floors with 82 rooms, a movie hall, a basketball pitch, and a wine cellar.

17. Ecstasea – $200 Million

The Ecstasea is the largest yacht made by Feadship, a Dutch luxury yacht company. It is 85 feet long and weighs around 585 metric tons. It has a capacity of 14 people and has won multiple awards because of its beautiful interior.

18. Solandge – $180 Million

Built by Lurssen, the Solandge is a 280-foot yacht with eight VIP bedrooms, a grand piano, and glass art. It is available to charter if you’re willing to pay around $1.1 million a week.

19. Aviva – $150 Million

The Aviva is owned by Joe Lewis and has some of the most expensive art pieces in existence, including some works from Picasso and Degas. It also includes an entire tennis court where 16 guests can stay at one time!

20. Lionheart – $150 Million

The Lionheart yacht is the ultimate expression of opulence, and ends our list of the most expensive yachts at a cool $150 million. With six VIP rooms and private balconies, it has hosted celebrities like Simon Cowell and Cristiano Ronaldo — this luxury vessel has everything any high roller could ever imagine!

Wrapping Up

With their sleek lines and luxurious interiors, these are some of the world’s most beautiful and most expensive yachts and the best ways to travel in style. For most of us, owning one of these — or even chartering one! — is just a pipe dream, but we hope you enjoyed hearing about them nonetheless.