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Motorcycle Hand Signs

By | source: Dec 30th, 2013

Who knew there were so many things you can say with your hands on a motorcycle?! I mean, the only hand sign I know for driving probably wouldn’t be appropriate for this website… Motorcycle riders on the other hand have developed quite a vocabulary… with their hands.

When riding in groups of other motorcyclists or if your turning signals happen to go out, hand communications can serve to be a very useful tool to your fellow riders. As you can see, there are quite a variety of hand signs that can represent many different aspects of driving. Obviously there are the directional associations — left, right, stop, etc. but there are also some others that are less intuitive… Like slapping the top of your helmet. I would never have know previous to this graphic that that means ‘cops ahead’. Oh yeah and ‘Comfort stop’? That one seems strangely suggestive of something… so I won’t delve into the etymology of what that could mean…

All in all though, this infographic of hand-signs can be an awesome refresher for motorcycle enthusiasts who travel with other riders or as an aid for those pursuing a motorcycle license exam. Now I just need a motorcycle…[via]