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Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About Nachos But Were Afraid to Ask

By | source: Oct 14th, 2010

What’s up team? Today is a special day, our 100th infographic! Yup, that’s a hella lotta information if you ask me, and I know information. So to commemorate this grand Thursday, October the 14th Twenty Ten, I’ve posted my favorite infographic ever. And it is about the best thing ever. Nachos.

Nachos are a staple at all sporting events and festivals. Sometimes they suck. At least you tell that to your friend to sound cool, but you know deep in your heart they still taste amazing. I mean, come on, we all love them, except those who are lactose intolerant. I’m sorry, you’re missing out on the greatest food in the history of mankind.

Moving on, or moving back to the topic, I love cheese. Chile con Queso is what we eat down here in Texas. It is the exact same as nachos, but the chips go in the cheese, no cheese on top of the chips. Dipping chips is such a smarter way for a few reasons:
1. No soggy chips
Soggy chips don’t taste horrible, but you’ll get all that nacho cheese all over your fingers and you’ll have that faint smell of nachos on your hands during the entire game. Unless you wussy out and head to the washroom.
2. You decide how much cheese goes on your chip.
Letting some underpaid, under appreciated nacho stand worker put cheese on your chips is equivalent to death. They’ll put it all on one side or not put enough on. Maybe he even has the nerve to let your chips soak in a bath of melted cheddar — untouchable by any human hands.

All you yankees should keep this in mind next time you’re watching a Texas football team wreck yours and your fingers are tainted with nacho cheese. [Via]