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The Who’s Who Of Superbowl Appearances

By | source:Here Feb 15th, 2020

With people still talking about, lamenting, and celebrating this past Super Bowl Sunday, it is important to remember this historic event’s past and see which teams have made the most appearances in The Big Game.

Leading the pack is the New England Patriots, with most of their eleven appearances coming due to the duo of coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady. The Patriots have managed to win six out of eleven of their Super Bowl appearances, which ties the Pittsburgh Steelers who happen to be tied for the second-most appearances in the Super Bowl.

The Steelers are consequently tied with the Cowboys and Broncos for second-most all-time appearances with a total of eight, and the 49ers come in firm possession of the third spot with seven appearances. Five teams tie for the fourth most all-time appearances, with five apiece.

Whether you love football or only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials, it’s undeniably interesting to see how history is made every year. This most recent Sunday saw the Chiefs win their second title in three appearances after keeping viewers on the edge of their seats all day.

Now, take a stroll back through time and check out how other teams have rocked Super Bowl Sundays in the past.