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10 Superior Powers Of Feline Friends

By | source:Here Sep 29th, 2018

Cats resemble furry superheroes with discrete superpowers. Along with wit and strength, cats exhibit incredible talents. 

Did you know that the first cat video predates YouTube by more than 100 years? Cats fascinated people 9,000 years ago and, based on all the social media shares; cats continue to amuse people today. Their superior skills make them amazing pets and interesting to watch.

Cats have a superior jumping ability. The world record for the highest jump from a cat is ten feet. I can barely jump ten centimeters, let alone ten feet!

Cats also have an insane hearing range. Cats use 52 muscles that control their ears which help them focus on the loudest and softest of sounds. Don’t talk bad about your cat, because these pets hear everything you say.

Cats are known for their incredible speed, strength, and eyesight as well. However, these energetic animals also spend 70% of their days sleeping. Being able to fall asleep nearly anywhere is a fantastic superpower.

Even if you’re not a huge cat fan, you’ll still agree that cats have some nifty skills. If you live with cats now, then you know how difficult it can be to sleep with these ninjas running around. Find out if you should share a bed with your feline friends or go solo.