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Super Easy No-Bake Bars You’ll Crave

By | source:Here Jun 4th, 2020

Everyone knows it costs more money to eat out than it does to make your own food. You can take it even further with your own DIY no-bake bars. These four different recipes are perfect for a quick breakfast, a midday snack, or even dessert! 

With four different recipes, you won’t get bored with the variety in taste. No more skipping breakfast because you are running late for work either. These bars can be made in roughly about five minutes, and the recipes make a few bars at once so you can prepare for the entire week. 

You’ll never miss another breakfast again! The recipes are customizable too. If you see an ingredient you don’t necessarily like, exchange it for something else! The possibilities are endless with these easy recipes. 

Dates are one of the main ingredients in all four recipes. Dates are great for no-bake bars because they are sticky and sweet. They add substance to the bars and get them to hold all the other ingredients in place, while also adding extra sweetness to the bar. 

If you reach for your dates and they are dry and hard, soak them in water for ten minutes to revive them.