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Why You Don’t Need A Traditional Job To Make Money

By | source:Here Oct 27th, 2019

The gig economy is in the news all of the time, and not always for positive reasons. It can be hard to make a full-time living without employment protections and to have to scrape by on a collection of part-time gigs. However, when done right–and especially when used to supplement other work or studies–finding gigs on the internet can be easier than ever, especially with this comprehensive, grouped list of apps.

For young people in particular, it can be a harsh realization that your dream job might not fall into your lap right away. Until you find that perfect career, there are a variety of apps you can use to find freelance gigs that keep you going. This list roughly divides into two categories: apps that let you sell or rent out your stuff, and apps that help you sell your skills.

On the ‘stuff’ side of the spectrum, there’s the omnipresent Air Bnb, but there are also smaller platforms like FlipKey or VRBO available too. There are even several apps dedicated to helping you rent your parking out. As for skills, you can deliver food, write blogs, design graphics, or sell your photographs. There’s something for everyone, and the best part is, these opportunities are only a few clicks away.