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The Scary Side of Halloween

By | source:Here Oct 26th, 2019

Halloween is a yearly tradition that’s loved by many for many reasons. The kids love it because it gives them the chance to get free sweets, teens love it because it’s a perfect opportunity to party and the adults love it because it means that Christmas is only round the corner. No matter how horrifying the costumes may be, it’s a great milestone of the year and a fun evening.  The thrill of being out and about, collecting sweets and dressing up is fun for both parents and children.  That said, there is a side to Halloween that people don’t often discuss.

The nights are closing in and its dark, everyone’s in costume and it’s supposed to be scary.   There’s certainly a recipe for some actual horror.  Late night drivers may forget that there will be lots of young children on the streets, or pickpockets might find it a good time to go to work.  Getting recognized isn’t a big concern because it’s quite acceptable to be wearing a mask.

Keeping safe is vital and whilst we definitely want you to go out and have fun and enjoy your Halloween, we advocate staying safe whilst trick or treating and want you all to make it home safely with your treats.