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21 Facts About Pasta That Will Leave You Drooling

By | source:Here Oct 25th, 2017

Pasta has, over the centuries, provided many a family with a hot meal to be shared and enjoyed.  From your oh-so-simple pasta and sauce, to more intricate pasta dishes drizzled with
truffle oils and littered with exotic smelly cheeses.

Aside from being one of the world’s most popular food sources, this simple wheat and water mixture has been specially crafted to serve a specific purpose when it comes to its serving, pairing and preparation. And with more than 600 different types of pasta to choose from worldwide, perhaps a less traditional pasta is exactly what your next entertainment evening needs.

For instance, did you now that the shape of the pasta has been designed to complement the dish that it is best used for? Simple shaped pasta designed to be used for more light/thinned sauce pasta, while your more complex shapes have been made to suit more meaty dishes, or those dishes that have thicker, fuller sauces.

Hungry?  Celebrate World Pasta day today with these tips.  While you’re cooking, adding herbs can help to make your pasta even more mouth watering.  For the perfect sauces, check out this infographic.