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Preparing Your Home For A Natural Disaster

By | source: Aug 9th, 2014

For anything to change, it has to start at home. You have to be responsible for the upkeep of healthy habits and set yourself up for success. This all applies when you start readying your house to withstand natural disasters.

We aren’t all susceptible to the same kinds of natural disasters. First, you should check what kinds of natural disasters your area is prone to. From there, you can start to focus on what you and your house need when facing disaster. If your area is frequented by hurricanes, make sure you have your patio furniture put away. And if you are often in earthquakes, make sure your appliances and heavy furniture are secured.

Once you have ‘policed’ your area, you should look into insurance because as much as we like to be in control, things are regularly out of our hands. Make sure you are familiar with the condition of your property and document its current status and educate yourself about how your existing plan works for you. Organize your information and safeguard it in case of emergency. Ensure that you are properly insured and informed about your coverage and about the realities of natural disasters.

In this infographic, HouseLogic, a website for homeowners from the National Association of REALTORS®, shows just how damaging these natural phenomena can be, and how to make sure you and your home are ready. Disaster can take place anywhere and at any time. When it does, will you be prepared? []