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A Weird History Of Presidential Treats

By | source:Here Feb 19th, 2020

A person’s favorite food can say a lot about their personality. Whether it’s something savory, or a sweet treat, there is usually a story behind someone’s favorite food. That’s why it can be so interesting to learn about what kind of food certain people like, especially when it’s the person running the country.

Some of the United States presidents have divulged a few of their personal favorite meals and snacks. There are quite a few different types of food that the presidents have enjoyed, past and present. From totally normal dishes to some more interesting preferences, and everything in between it seems like being the Commander In Chief certainly gives people an appetite.

If you enjoy some chili now and again, you’ve got something in common with the former president, Barack Obama, who has been known to frequent Ben’s Chili Bowl in D.C. (There’s even a recipe for the Obama family’s favorite chili recipe online, if you’re interested.)  More of a breakfast person? Maybe you share a favorite with Gerald Ford who loved some waffles with strawberries. Can you guess who’s favorite food was cheddar cheese? Take a look at the infographic to see the full list of some U.S. presidents’ other favorites.