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How To Stay Productive When You’re Tired

By | source:Here Nov 19th, 2018

After pulling an all-nighter or tossing and turning all night, the last thing you want to do is keep working. But what if you absolutely have to?

Even though no amount of planning will replace a good night’s sleep, there are some tricks and tools that will help you power through the day and work efficiently even if you’re ready to hit the hay.

If you’re always tired, you may be taking on too much work. If you always work late, bring work home, and spend a lot of your free time thinking about your job, you could be exhausted because you lack work-life balance. This situation is more common today than a couple of decades ago. Our culture praises endless work and long hours while frowning upon taking well-deserved vacations and even paid maternity leave.

It’s not easy to perform under stress and feel accomplished when your eyes are bleary. If a good nap or day off is absolutely out of the question, water, coffee and regular breaks will become your best friend and make it easier to fly through your to-do list in no time. Once you’ve finished your most pressing tasks, go take a break or hop in bed early. You deserve it!