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Put a New Spin(ach) on your Salad

By | source:Prevention Aug 8th, 2015

Salads! I love them, especially in the summer. However, I have fallen into the trap of knowing what I like and getting nearly identical salads no matter where I go. What is more, all my usual choices, with the exception of roasted cashews, are on the left side of this infographic, a.k.a. the boring side. This must be remedied. Maybe I’ll take this inspiring chart and badger one of my programmer friends to make me a Salad Randomizer app so I don’t have to go through the agony of making decisions.

I am not a chef by any stretch, and my that-looks-like-enough-chili-powder moments have tended to end badly, so I am very grateful that this infographic recommends amounts. The recipes at the bottom for some of the salad dressings and ingredients are another helpful touch. I bet those cumin roasted chickpeas are delicious all by themselves, and I’m ready to try any kind of vinaigrette. This chart can make 15,625 different salads, so I better get moving.

Once you’ve spiced up your salad life, why don’t you try diving into another great hot weather food – sushi?