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Ring Roads of the World

By | source: Jun 15th, 2013

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And now for today’s infographic…

Urban Sprawl is a disease spreading throughout the American landscape; the use of automobiles and construction of roads is the main factor. Co2 emissions, traffic, road kill, and not to mention ugly landscapes, all spawn from too many cars! But, the way developers are building these days, we are left with no choice. There is no down-the-street grocery store anymore. Most of us have to drive a few miles to get basic necessities done.

What is the answer to fixing the congestion and sprawl of our cities? Many people think the answer would be more highway lanes or more roads in general. But research shows that this isnâ??t true. Building more roads is just trying to passify the problem. We need to get people to understand that public transportation or bike commuting is also an option that can reduce traffic. This infographic creatively compares the added length of the roads in many large cities. Anyone who has ever been to Houston has experienced the ridiculous traffic of that city, even though, as shown by the infographic, it has significantly more road length than other large cities.