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Road Rage: Adding Injury to Insult

By | source:NerdGraph Apr 2nd, 2015

We all have seen it while driving down the road, road rage. It is a daily event on our commute to work, school, home, or anywhere. Usually a driver doing something stupid on the road. Responses are usually curses, hand gestures are used, and everybody arrives at their location angrier. But road rage is more than just getting hot under the collar. This infographics has some facts over road rage.

One of the fact I found very interesting was that 66% of traffic fatalities are caused by aggressive driving or road rage. Imagine the decrease of traffic accidents if everyone drove sanely. A scary fact is that 37% of the aggressive driving incidents involved a gun. Using or showing a gun is a senseless solution to being cut off by someone. Lastly is the fact that males under the age of 19 are the quickest to road rage. Driving classes should be mandatory to all first time drivers and should be taught in high school.

Driving is a necessary evil to most people and cannot be avoided. Driving is also a privilege that we must protect. Lastly driving is also very convenient and we all enjoy a drive around the town. But it is too easy for some drivers to vent their frustrations on fellow drivers. To avoid these frustrations all drivers should slow down and pay attention your surroundings.