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Scrambled Eggs – Not Just Your Average Breakfast

By | source:Here Jan 4th, 2021

The humble egg is one of nature’s finest proteins. Eggs are quick and easy to make, and they complement so many tasty ingredients. With a little bit of imagination, you can quickly whip up a meal in minutes. Did you know you can cook them in the microwave? Scrambled eggs are so versatile you can even put last night’s dinner leftovers to good use in the egg mixture.

If you’re out of inspiration, this infographic should help to rejuvenate your creative juices. These recipes run the gamut from soft, sweet and custardy deserts to salty, garlic-infused breakfasts that will probably keep the rest of the office away from your desk.

Eggs are easy to eat and they’re so nutritious. They contain a host of vitamins, minerals, and trace nutrients important for your health. At one stage, eggs were considered dangerous for some people as they are high in cholesterol. However, high food cholesterol doesn’t necessarily convert into high blood cholesterol. Today, we know that there are very few people who should avoid eating eggs.

The Internet is full of advice on how to cook the best scrambled eggs, but I believe that personal choice makes all the difference. My favorite: sauté onions and bacon. Then, tip your blended eggs into the mix and add cheese. Now we’re talking cholesterol!