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See The Leading Causes of Death for U.S. Police Officers

By | source:Here Dec 23rd, 2016

When a law enforcement officer dies in the United States, it’s bound to make the news. But what is actually responsible for these fatalities?

Surprisingly, gunfire is responsible for less than 1 in 3 police officer deaths. With so many tragic stories about law enforcement officers being shot, I thought the number would be much higher.

Car accidents and heart attacks are the next leading causes of death. Not every on-duty police death is a result of homicide, either: train accidents, accidental gunfire and drowning are also on the list of leading causes.

Also a danger to law enforcement: Vehicular assault, heat exhaustion, stabbings and bombs. Illnesses related to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks cause 5.8% of police deaths, and accidental gunfire causes 2% of police deaths.

Some of the more unusual causes of death include explosions, toxin exposure and being poisoned. It’s certain that everyone isn’t cut out for a job with these risks. The study also includes K-9 officers killed while working.

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