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Service Trends Around The World

By | source:Atlassian JIRA Service Desk Mar 27th, 2015

One of the surprising facts first represented in today’s infographic is America’s disdain for Information Technology Infrastructure Libraries, or ITIL’s. Almost 70% of Australians think ITIL’s are a ‘must have’. Compare that to the USA’s meager 40% and we’ve got a huge divide. This divide seems to be attributed to the American attitude of individualism and rampant cost cutting implemented by American firms. As an American myself I can totally understand. IT Employees in the USA are pushed for faster, cheaper results much more than foreign companies focused on longevity and quality.

Another interesting bit of info is how Europe seems to be behind when it comes to using services technology outside of the IT department. Australia and the United States use 64% of service technology outside of IT. Europe is only at 34%. Europe needs to get on the service train quick. Human resources, finance, and sales departments can benefit greatly from using service. Not taking advantage of this tool company wide isn’t good business.

Besides some of the stark differences in how different geographies use service, there is one major idea in common. Self service, knowledge management, and customer satisfaction are the 3 top uses of service across the board. If you’re looking for solutions to service problems, look no further.