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How To Become A Google Power User

By | source:WhoIsHostingThis Mar 28th, 2015

Ahhhhh the secrets of search. These simple shortcuts can help you step up your Google game tremendously. I learned almost every one of these hacks during college. I’ve written hundreds of pages of reports and have used google to research thousands of different things. Utilizing these tools create a much easier way to navigate the web.

One of my favorite tricks for finding topical titles is to use the ‘intitle’ option. This search operator enables you to search for general words in the article and at the same time searching for a specific word in the title. Researching specific years of a companies history? Recipe substitutes? It’s so versatile.

As a marketing student during college I ended up researching a lot about local businesses. Using the ‘Location:’ search operator was a god send. Digging through sales history, or company growth was so much easier when unneeded geography was cut out.

Finally, the asterisk. The asterisk helps you when you have what I like to call a ‘brain fart’. Putting an * in place of a word you can’t remember. It’s wonderful when looking up lyrics or any titles. I * you guys learn a few time saving tricks from today’s graphic!

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