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Asking Google: The 10 Most Popular Questions

By | source:Here Jun 5th, 2017

We are a curious species, aren’t we? It is in our nature to question things and find answers to some of the most obscure questions. There is no other living being on planet Earth that looks for answers to questions like what is the meaning of life, is there a life after death, and even some silly ones like how to lose weight and was Michael Jackson an alien.

In the olden days, libraries and books were the main sources of information and knowledge. People had to go through a lot of books to find an answer to a specific question. But ever since the internet was created, finding a piece of information has become quite a bit easier.

Search engines like Google have enabled us to access the complete knowledge of the humankind with just a few clicks. Naturally, some people are using Google to learn new and interesting facts and some just want to get a quick answer to something that is bothering them at the moment. If you ever wondered what are the most frequently asked questions on Google, then this infographic will unveil this mystery for you. But please don’t judge, not everyone is interested in the secrets of the universe.