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These Indoor Plants Will Spruce Up Any Office

By | source:Here Jun 6th, 2017

I don’t have much of a green thumb, I have to admit. My husband has stopped buying me flowers because they die almost immediately.

Apparently, having a plant in your office can improve your life dramatically. Not only are plants great for decoration, they also can remove air pollutants and help reduce stress.

Even if your office doesn’t have light, you can still get green! Look for plants with large, dark, broad leaves. It’s also important to water indoor plants, although overwatering is one of the main reasons indoor plants don’t last.

Here are some low-maintenance shrubs that do well in most circumstances: the spider plant, Chinese evergreen, ZZ plant, and Warneck dracaena.

If you’re lucky enough to have natural light in your office, opt for a succulent or aloe plant. One bonus about aloe: The gel inside the leaves can be used to relieve skin irritation.

If you want help filtering the air, opt for a Gerber daisy or Azalea. Bonus: Both of these plants are absolutely stunning.

Once you pick out some new plant friends, it’s important to know how to take care of them. Check out our infographic with some common causes of plant unhealthiness.