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The Shocking Impact Of A 2ºC Global Warming

By | source:Here May 29th, 2019

For people that live in colder climates, a slight increase in temperatures may be welcomed.  Most will prefer going to the beach instead of shoveling their driveway. Unfortunately, even a small increase in temperatures can be very damaging to life on Earth.

When talking about global warming, the slightest change in temperature can bring about catastrophic changes.  This is why the difference between a 1.5ºC and a 2ºC is like night and day.

One of the most precious resources affected is water.  Temperatures that are a couple of degrees higher can be the reason why 410 million people are exposed to severe droughts by the year 2100.  Couple that with a heat wave at least once every 20 years due to the warm up,, and the situation quickly becomes dangerous.

The opposite results can be seen in ocean water levels.  With more ice caps melting, sea levels will continue to rise and affect close to 49 million people by 2100.  As the water temps also raise, systems like the coral reefs will be gone altogether.

A day in the life of a world affected by global warming is a little scary.  Perhaps everyone should try and pitch in to reduce the risk of destroying our habitat, before it’s too late.