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Shop Safe on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

By | source: Nov 28th, 2014

It’s officially that time of year again, when people start searching stores and web pages for the perfect gift. That’s right, folks, the holiday shopping season is upon us. For those brave shoppers who are or have been facing the crowds today, I commend you. I’m in the category of people who prefer to wait until Cyber Monday, so that we may shop from the comforts of our own homes. Unfortunately for Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers alike, identity thieves often target popular stores and websites in an effort to steal our information.

According to the infographic, 87 percent of identity theft victims believe someone stole their information from an offline source, which hasn’t been the case lately. In the last year, computer hackers have obtained personal information and credit card data from several businesses, including Target, UPS, and now Sony. Luckily, the majority of people are able to find out their information has been exposed within the first few months. My debit card information was stolen not too long ago, and I was able to find out the same week it happened.

I have good news, though. There are ways to protect yourself while shopping this season. IdentityHawk has provided 10 tips on how to protect yourself as you shop this season. I personally recommend checking online banking updates regularly, and paying with cash in stores. No matter which day you prefer to buy gifts, take a look at these tips and shop safe.