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You Won’t Believe What Happened on Black Friday!?!?!

By | source: Nov 29th, 2014

Sorry for the clickbait title. I thought it’d be funny. We’ve never done that before at Daily Infographic, because, well, they suck. And like most clickbait titles, the content behind it is a little lame. Today we look at last year’s Black Friday statistics and notice how bad the color scheme is on this infographic. While we’re ripping the graphic, the typography is horrid. What year is this? 1999? Let’s go get some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figurines and Pokemon Cards.

“Black Friday is moving online,” it says. Of course – waiting in long lines and getting trampled for foreign-made-goods may be America’s past time, but the younger generation is figuring it out. Coupon codes and two-day shipping, my friend. It’s how I just ordered my entire family’s Christmas gifts and I’m in bed petting my dog at the same time. Gift wrapping option – yes, please! Life is so easy, now I just need my own house so I can make my family come over here instead of having to put on an overcoat.

Thanks for listening to my rant. Sometimes we all need to vent during the holiday season. Well lo-and-behold, here comes the infographic. Knock yourselves out! [via]