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Should You Buy? Flat-Panel TVs

By | source: Aug 23rd, 2010

I knew I was going to need a TV for my new dorm almost all summer. I want to get a flat panel because I know I can use it for years to come. The only TV I have is over 200 pounds and I really don’t want to carry that around every year to my new living space.

As of right now our TV situation looks a little bit pitiful. Trying to play FIFA on this thing is nearly impossible. I could kind of see the players but the ball was almost too small to see. I just ended up slide tackling the other team till I had to forfeit. Not that slide tackling isn’t my strategy when I can see the ball anyway.

One of my new roommates told me that most places have a 90 day return policy on TVs. He bought a television at the beginning of summer and returned it at the end with a full refund. I would like to do this, but I kinda want a TV I can keep and call my own. For now I think today I’m going to head over to the Best Buy and get myself a cool television. For the next 90 days I will be looking for an awesome deal on a killer telly. So if any of y’all have above a 32 inch flat panel, I may put in an offer….

Well, now that I have that out of the way let me tell you all about the new “3D televisions.”  They are stupid and a complete waste of money. They are something hotels should have but regular citizens should not. No one wants to wear glasses everyday, why would someone buy a TV that requires them to wear glasses? This 3D fad will fade away and with it will go some of the worst movies Hollywood has made in decades. [Via]