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Some Facts about Ramen Noodles

By | source: Nov 8th, 2012

Ya’ll, I don’t care how bad Ramen is for me, it is damn good. And so filling also. You can really get your bang for your buck with all that salty water and noodles floating around in your tummy. I haven’t had Ramen in years, but when I see or it smell, I’m like a drug addict who needs another fix. It’s really a win- win situation when it comes to Ramen; its a filling meal for less than a dollar! The perfect college student’s snack! However, I’m sure all that Ramen cant be good for you.

Today’s infographic lists some facts about Ramen, it even gives out some neat recipes to try also! You should defiantly give them a try tonight. Heck maybe I’ll try a recipe also! [via]