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The Ultimate Guide To Dealing With Toddler Tantrums

By | source:Here Dec 27th, 2020

Have you cared for a toddler? Then you probably have experience with temper tantrums. Feared and dreaded, these emotional outbursts can leave both child and parents tired and defeated.

It can be frustrating to deal with tantrums. Nevertheless, they’re a normal part of child development.

As your kid grows, they slowly understand they are their own person. This means they want to have autonomy over their lives. Of course, as adults we know this autonomy isn’t always possible or safe. When expectations clash, frustrations–and tantrums–ensue.

The key, if you’re dealing with tantrums, is having patience and focusing on teaching your child how to deal with frustration.

Of course, no amount of child psychology will work if your kid is tired or hungry. If that’s the case, deal with the problem at hand and they will probably calm down on their own. After they are calm, let them know how they can better communicate their feelings without misbehaving. Either way, as the adult it’s your job to make sure your child is getting enough sleep and food to function properly. Keep an eye on proper rest and feeding to avoid unnecessary tantrums!

Distractions can also be a useful tool if you can’t fix the situation. Understanding the progression of a tantrum can help you figure out how to resolve the tension. Instead of pondering between giving in to your wailing child or running for the hills, have this handy cheat sheet around!