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Ten Types of Facebook Friends

By | source: Dec 31st, 2011

Having traveled across state lines for the holidays, I had a lot of time to catch up with my mom. She’d ask how this person is doing and what my ex significant other is up to. I usually didn’t have good news to report and when asked how I knew what I knew, the response was always the same answer. Facebook.

I’m sure you know the people of this technological era have no problems with disclosure whatsoever. The second a thought crosses one’s mind, it is immediately shared between 300+ people. When Jimmy’s bread has molded and Sarah realized she put on a few pounds, it is then made our business.

After doing so much social disection of the people of facebook, the infographic began to make more sense.
Every archetypal chracter that is my facebook storyboard is perfectly described. From the brown nosing, overachieving top ten percenter to the cutie you never found the courage to talk to. Seeing these people everyday can be annoying, even if it’s virtually.

Keeping with the theme of predictablity, count how many times “new year, new me” pops up on your news feed. Let’s see how many stick to their guns and don’t continue the trend of being one of the ten types of facebook friends.  [Via]