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The Basics Of Curling

By | source: Jun 8th, 2014

A friend of mine recently sent me this awesome infographic about a sport which I had little knowledge of prior to receiving the infographic, and now I feel like a pro. The sport is Curling. It’s a popular winter Olympic sport, but having not known how the game worked, I often skipped this portion of the Olympics. I’ve played around with a shuffle board before, which just so happens to be fairly similar to curling, so if you, like myself, know the ins and outs of the shuffle board, then curling should come easy to you. Let’s get started!

The basic goal of the game, as is with many other sports, is to gain more points than the opposing team. The game is traditionally played by two teams of four people. The surface upon which these players compete is known as the curling sheet. The curling sheet is divided into two sides, each with it’s own bulls-eye or “house”. Players are equipped with stones which they slide over the curling sheet to the opposite side in hopes of hitting the center of the house which is known as the button. A single point is awarded to any stone within the house. Only one team scores per round, and this is based on whichever team’s stones are closer to the button. Traditionally, after the game has been won, the losing team must buy the winning team a round of beers, everyone laughs and sings songs by the fire and happy times are bountiful for the curlers.

That’s a basic summary, but there is more to the sport. This infographic simplifies everything. Check it out! [via]