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The Brutal Decline of Yahoo!

By | source: Nov 16th, 2010

I remember the glory days of Yahoo! Everyone in elementary school thought it was sooo cool to have our own e-mail, and of course we all used Yahoo mail. It was quick to die once AOL Instant Messenger came around, but that’s when I can personally remember liking Yahoo!.

Ever since then it has just gone down hill. The site is cluttered with ads and the front page news stories have seem to been cut down to top 10 lists and some odd articles. Now, all I see is Yahoo Answers being the only successful venture for Yahoo.

I should give them a little more credit, but I feel like it is ‘cool’ to pick on Yahoo. Everyone does, its the new AOL. Oh, you still make fun of AOL? Loser. Yahoo has tried and tried to be innovative, but instead of creating an innovative idea themselves, they buy them from someone else for an inflated price right before the market is flooded with copy cats of that idea. You think Yahoo would learn, and I think they finally are learning.

It may have taken Yahoo! a decade to be on the right track, but now after they have outsourced or sold almost everything they had, Yahoo can build from the ground up. They can make something great, shrink their company and hire some clever minds. They need to do this soon though, the world has been waiting on Yahoo to preform since it’s inception. If it keeps on the track it has been on, Yahoo! will not be around for another decade. Not so excited now are you Yahoo?[Via]