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The Daily Show & Jon Stewart’s Legacy

By | Aug 24th, 2015

I think it’s safe to say anyone who identifies themselves as part of the liberal news population was deeply <!–more–> saddened to see Jon Stewart’s last appearance on The Daily Show last week. The host of the critically acclaimed, ultra-witty, satiric news show managed to catapult a moot satiric news program into a hilariously influential piece of American culture.

Since first appearing on the show in 1999, Jon Stewart tackled political and social issues with an unrelenting fearless wit dissimilar to anyone else in his field. Many may disagree with the news anchor’s comedic demeanor, and overall reliability, but Jon Stewart approached politics for what it was: a game. He wasn’t afraid to use humor to blatantly call out money-grubbing government officials and corrupt government practices. Additionally, he welcomed culture-clashing, social issues onto his show’s agenda, tirelessly attempting to reveal the truth of such situations, all the while keeping his audience amply entertained.

Approaching news in his own unique manner, Jon Stewart managed to establish himself as one of the most iconic entertainers and journalists of recent years. He always strived to speak truth in news, an almost extinct practice for other news programs according to this previously published infographic. Today’s infographic explores Jon Stewart’s legacy, and offers hints as to who his eventual successor may be.