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The Influence of Star Wars on Film and TV

By | source:shutterstock Dec 13th, 2015

Star Wars was a phenomenon when it was released in 1977. My parents still tell me that the special effects in that movie were astounding. It’s no coincidence that special effects have become one of the most prized aspects of modern film. Today’s infographic will cover not just the influence Star Wars special effects had on the video entertainment industry, but all forms of filmmaking.

One of my favorite characters Star Wars has spawned was The Sci-Fi Cowboy. Now, not many pieces of filmography have literally had a space-cowboy figure. Firefly pretty much has that cornered, but dozens of other films have used the rough, tough and dusty space cadet character.

Another character is the cute robot. R2D2 has been beloved by everyone, even through the second trilogy. Movies like Wall-E and Chippy have been able to create even more involved and beloved robot counterparts.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens on the 18th this month. What consequences will this sequel have on the future of film?