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The License Agreement You Didn’t Read: Mac OS X El Capitan Edition

By | source:bmugwest Oct 27th, 2015

Reading an entire license agreement can be completely different than understanding a license agreement. There’s confusing jargon, poor spacing and the subject matter is boring as hell. Today’s infographic is a quick recap of what’s in Mac OS X El Capitan’s license agreement, luckily the guy who went through it seems like he’s got a good grasp of understanding.

Some of the compromises a user needs to make once they sign this agreement are simple everyday things. Some will make you wonder where technology is going. Take a look at software ownership. It used to be, you paid for a product, then you own it. Now-a-days no software is ‘bought’ – software is borrowed. Yes, you’re most likely renting the operating system on your computer, even on your phone.

Wonder why the Adobe Creative Suite isn’t ownable anymore? Simple – letting people own the software, enabling people to tamper with the code, or try to share it with friends is detrimental to profits and most importantly, data consumption. These tech companies need to make sure they can own your data in any way possible. Listening in on your mic? Check. Cataloging everything in your search? Check. Monitoring facial expressions when introduced to video ads? Maybe check? It’s getting creepy, and we’re letting it get there.