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By | source: Jan 18th, 2014

justAd is an interesting advertising company that marries the idea of the ever-growing cloud-based platform with mobile, tablet, and mulit-screen devices. justAd, founded in 2009, has enabled advertisers to promote themselves with stunning media. The following infographic is a representation of data collected from 150 mobile ads from 2013.

As far as mobile devices are concerned, simple actions speak grand volumes. Most mobile interaction consisted of basically just tapping the screen, which makes a lot of sense in my opinion. When you throw in swiping and dragging, things just get complicated. And shaking and scratching? How much trauma are these ads going to give our phones?

But in all seriousness, making these ad units is no joke. You really have to sit down and devote some time to producing a great ad. Just a simple banner takes, on average, a full hour to generate. And if you want it to be an expandable banner, you have to devote and extra two hours of tedious work just to pull it off. Making an interactive video takes a few days, which is actually pretty impressive. I’m not very ad savvy, so I would need at least a month to pull anything like that off. And it’s interesting to see that most of these ads were created by the customers themselves.

In 2013, 80% of the ad units were customer produced using justAd’s self service format. So here’s to hard-working advertisers trying to get the word out. Cheers! [via]