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The Perfect Elevator Pitch

By | source:Qsample Jun 24th, 2015

If we’re going to talk about elevator pitches, we may as well look at the biggest stage for elevator pitches our world has ever seen: Shark Tank.

Incase you aren’t aware of the show, Shark Tank is a television show where an entrepreneur goes before five or six billionaire investors to pitch their idea, usually in order to exchange some equity for a cash sum. Some of the best pitches on Shark Tank seem to have taken advice from our infographic today.

First off, the best pitches are obviously practiced, edited, practiced some more, edited, then practiced even more. These entrepreneurs only have a few seconds to intrigue their ‘sharks’ enough for them to want to hear more. The better pitchers are able to communicate their product’s value using everyday language and not speaking at the sharks, but speaking to them. The pitcher will give just a hint into some of the bigger reasons to invest like sales figures or yearly revenue. This leaves the investors wanting more.

Finally, a good elevator pitch is convincing your potential shark that your idea is so valuable they would be worse off not investing in the product or service.