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The Psychology of Lying

By | source:Here Apr 12th, 2014

There was this really short period in my life when I believed my nose would grow if I didn’t tell the truth. Thankfully I realized Pinnochio was a puppet, and sometimes it’s okay to lie. If you say you never lie, you’re probably lying.

Telling lies is something we do on a daily basis. And there are many reasons we tell them, some small and some big. We lie to stay out of trouble. We lie to get out of doing things or going places. We lie to be malicious. We lie to conceal the truth. We lie to feel better about ourselves. We lie to spare someone’s feelings. We lie to make people happy. We lie because we can. It’s not always a bad thing though. Someone once lied to me on my birthday, because there was a surprise party waiting at my house. Those lies made my night.

I was kind of afraid to lie when I was younger, and it was because I always got caught. I’m really not the best liar; I actually try to be completely honest. Well maybe not completely… I have a fantastic poker face.