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The Real Secret Behind Apple’s Success

By | source:Here Feb 19th, 2019

What is your worst customer service horror tale? Did they make you wait for hours only to be greeted by a robot? Did the person behind the counter know even less than you?

All over the world, customer service has a bad rep. Employees don’t want that job, and clients dread calling or waiting in line.

Nevertheless, one company has risen above. After years of a declining tech retail market, Apple stands out in its success.

Contrary to most tech retails, Apple stores are relatively few in numbers across the US, yet they produce more than 30 million in annual revenue. Not bad for only 270 stores, huh?

So what is the secret to Apple’s success? It’s all in the customer service. Even though our world is more and more digital nowadays, we still need the human touch. As customers, we want to feel understood, and robots can’t connect with us on an emotional level.

Even more, customers all over the country state that the most decisive thing when choosing not to return to a retail store isn’t product quality, but bad employee behavior, lack of attention and lousy in-store experience.

Apparently, Apple stores were modeled after the Ritz-Carlton customer experience. Do you feel like a fancy traveler when going to your local genius bar?