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The Tastes of Mainland South-East Asia

By | source: Mar 27th, 2014

Today’s infographic, brought to you by My Adventure Store, is probably one of my favorite infographics to date because it’s all about the delicious food South East Asia has to offer. Specifically, it details both of my absolute favorite foods: pho and pad thai. I remember my first pho and pad thai experience: during the first year as a residential assistant, my sophomore year of college. There were quite a few nights a month I was required to either stay in the building or stay within a 3 mile radius of the dorm in case of “emergencies” (none of which ever happened unless you count burned popcorn setting off alarms). On the nights I was allowed my 3 mile radius  of freedom, I would saunter across the street to the dingy Vietnamese place that everyone seemed to always rave about.

Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of options on the menu, I opted for traditional pad thai- as requested my waiter. My life was forever changed that lonely night. I continued ordering the same thing until I was brave enough to try the pho, and BAM! It became my new favorite food. Now, I’m always in the mood for pho and am constantly on the lookout for new pho restaurants to try out. Since two out of the five dishes mentioned on this infographic are my favorite dishes, this infographic must have great taste. Therefore, I’m making it one of my goals to try the rest of the dishes mentioned. I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and do the same! You might discover your next favorite dish! [My Adventure Store]