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The Ultimate Guide To Learning A Language In Record Time

By | source:Here Nov 20th, 2017

There are many ways to learn a new language, and one of them is to start by having simple words you use in everyday life translated. Another is to know which words we use are not actually in the English language, and tiramisu (Italian for “pick me up”) is one of them.

To learn a language, it’s best to first understand how the brain works, in order to utilize your brain to its full capacity in learning. The brain makes connections from your senses to associated objects or things, and this way you can maybe associate a certain type of smell to tiramisu.

People also find it best to just be thrown into an environment where you have to use the language, and you pick it up slowly by interacting with locals. Some tonal languages, like Chinese, are incredibly hard to learn and just being in an environment where you hear the sounds is helpful. All the more reason to go on an extended holiday.

After picking up on intonation and some simple words, you can start learning how to string sentences together with proper grammar, and then from there improve on your language bit by bit, through tons of practice.

If you’re at a loss for which language to take up, here’s a guide to the most common languages, and you go from there.  Buena Suerte!  (good luck!)